Some People in Lynchburg Actually Prefer to Work in the Cold

Lynchburg, VA - The frigid temperatures made it tough for some of us to just walk outside Tuesday. Some people actually had to work in the cold.

One person that runs a hotdog stand downtown says she prefers the cold temperatures, though.

Medical experts say the cold can be a silent danger, however, so it's best to know your limits.

Jennie Sue Fox has been serving up hot dogs at 10th and Main Street for roughly five years.

Fox says working in the cold isn't so bad, it's the heat she can't take.

"I can't breathe I've got asthma. So in the winter time I can breathe better because it's not 100 degrees out here," Fox said.

That didn't stop passersby from showing their concern. One person even asked Fox where her gloves were.

Dr. Thomas Eppes says working in the cold brings its own set of problems.

"People underestimate how much fluid you can lose in weather like this, you think that you're cold and you don't have to hydrate yourself well, but you do," Dr. Eppes said.

People with certain medical conditions should be cautious as well.

"People with heart disease, people with certain types of circulatory problems will do much worse in cold weather," Dr. Eppes continued.

Jennie Sue Fox feels fine and says she'll remain working outside, even if it snows."It depends on how much, I'm not going to let the snow stop me, the cold doesn't stop me, so the snow shouldn't."

Fox says she the only type of weather that keeps her inside is heavy rain.