Some Parents Upset Over FDA's Plan B Age Approval

Lynchburg, VA - The Food and Drug Administration has approved the availability of the Plan B One-Step contraception pill for women 15 and older without a prescription or a parent's permission.

Some parents are concerned with the moral aspect, and others are more worried about the safety of the pill for teens that are so young.

"Being 15 that's just too young. I would want to be the one to make that choice for her," said Mary King, a parent.

Earlene Fleshman believes a parent should make the decision to buy the pill.

"We need to discuss it first to make sure it was safe because if it has any side effects. If they don't go to school because their stomach is hurting then the mother would have an idea of what's going on," she said.

Dr. Lewis Dabney is a Gynecologist and says when it comes to Plan B One-Step, age does not matter.

"There are lots of medicines available over the counter and this is probably safer than they are," he said.

Dabney says the pill is very safe and side effects are minimal.

"The biggest thing is nausea and the nausea rate is 18 % and the rate of people actually throwing up is only about 4% so it's very well tolerated," said Dabney.

Dabney said as a doctor, he's in favor for it.

"Absolutely." Women want access to birth control," he said.

Though some need time warming up to the idea, others call this move by the FDA a step in the right direction.

"This is something that can help someone that has made a mistake and has done something they should not have done," said David Ford, a parent.

Dabney says Plan B One-Step is not an abortion pill and will not terminate or hurt a current pregnancy.