Soldier Donates Kidney To Save Lynchburg Man's Life

Lynchburg, VA - A soldier from Utah is traveling across the country, to save the life of a man in Lynchburg. One picture from Facebook turned into a major miracle performed between two complete, cross-country strangers. "It just hit me and I thought what can I do? This is my Dad, I love my Dad, I want to see him live" said Molly Rommel. So, Molly did what she does every day. She went on Facebook and uploaded her single most popular picture, ever. "2,526 shares, I need a kidney if you can help, please contact Neal at" read Molly off of the picture she posted of her Dad. Molly's Dad Neal suffers from a severe, rare, and deadly auto-immune disease that's rendered his kidneys useless. Neal's doctors told him at 59 years old, daily dialysis or a kidney transplant was his only options. So Molly posted a picture of her Dad, holding this sign, asking for help and what happened next, is pretty perfect. "Out of the clear blue, this stranger's decided to give me a kidney and it's remarkable, it's almost like a miracle. I can't even believe it's happening" said Neal. 2,000 miles away in Utah, Dan Webb saw Neal's picture. "When they told me I was a match, it was kind of a done deal" said Dan. Dan is a perfect match for Neal. In 2011, he'd tried to donate for his cousin, "I was about to donate, then I got deployed to Afghanistan instead" he said. So, he held off on a donation, and for a year, he pinpointed roadside bombs in Afghanistan. "I think a lot of my attitude towards this kidney donation is because of my deployment. There's been a lot of negative dialogue about PTSD. I struggle, it's been kind of hard to stay happy but I have found that helping people is one of those things that keeps me happy" said Dan. Two strangers, now helping each other and literally saving each other's lives. "My family needs me and this is going to ensure, they really do need me and I'm not ready to die I'm not ready to go away. So it's been an unbelievable hope for me to receive this kidney" said Neal. Currently, more than 100,000 people in this country are waiting for a kidney transplant. Last year, just a little more than 14,000 transplant surgeries occurred. Neal's transplant will take place on June 10th. We wish both him and Dan the best of luck.