So, What Exactly Are Those Yellow Doors?

Lynchburg, VA - People have been wondering why big yellow doors are popping up all over Central Virginia. Well, the secret is out.

They are all part of United Way of Central Virginia's 2012 Campaign.

They have used thermometers in past years, and these doors are essentially replacing those signs to really drive home the message of what United Way is all about.

Like many campaigns, the whole point is to get people talking and let people's imagination run wild.

"Maybe it's a gateway to something?" said Brandon Spears.

Others thought that maybe it had solar power.

"Maybe using the rays from the sun to get energy?" said Ana Yevarra.

So, what do these doors really mean?

This year's United Way campaign slogan is "Opening Doors - Changing Lives."

"That's what this year's theme is all about, and that's what United in its heart is all about, is helping those in our community," said Keena Wood, marketing director for United Way of Central Virginia.

United Way raises funds for programs that provide health and human services to the Central Virginia region.

"It helps those who are not able to get insurance. We have programs that help people who have lost their jobs," said Marie Martin, executive director of United Way of Central Virginia.

There are 30 agencies in all, including Meals on Wheels, Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Gateway House. So this year, as money is raised each time a percentage is reached, the door will open a little more.

"This is sort of that visual impact. Sure, we can tell you how many dollars we've raised, but how many lives are we changing - that is truly what matters," said Wood.

There are 10 doors total - one in Appomattox, Altavista, Boonsboro, and the list keeps on going.

"My goal is that at the end, we're out here with screwdrivers taking the doors off the hinges," said Wood.

"It would be wonderful to say that we made a huge impact in a lot of peoples' lives by the money that we've raised," said Martin.

The campaign will go from September to roughly mid-March. They haven't set a goal yet on how much they want to raise, but last year they raised $3.3 million.