Snowy Lynchburg Roads Make for Dangerous Driving

Lynchburg, VA - Friday's snow made for a messy commute for many area drivers.

In Lynchburg, the Hill City lived up to its reputation. The scene was one of snowy streets for much of Friday afternoon.

Schools closed early and folks headed home, right when things really got bad.

This scene for much of Friday afternoon was of a school bus barely inching up the street; cars spinning out of control, struggling to make it up any of the hills the hill city is known for.

"It's slippery, and most people don't know how to drive in it. I don't mind going out in the snow, but there's clearly people that shouldn't be on the road" said one driver.

"Where they haven't plowed, it's real slick, especially if you've got to climb a hill" said another.

As the day went on, road clearing crews took to the streets, spreading salt and sand to keep major thorough-fares safe for drivers.

"This time unlike the last storm that we had, this one started with snow, so we were able to pre treat the major roadways. But that does not include any of the secondary roads, neighborhood streets, or anything like that" said VDOT employee, Paula Jones.

VDOT prepped before the first flake, to make sure any snow that stuck would be removed just as easily.

And as the snow slowed, drivers remained off the roads.

Something VDOT officials say, with night rising, and temperatures falling, is important.

"If you don't have to drive, don't drive. If you can avoid travel at all costs, that would be good. Even through tonight and the early hours of tomorrow morning, it's going to be cold, and it's going to be icy" said Jones.

VDOT officials say if you absolutely must head out Friday night or early Saturday morning; when conditions are expected to be icy, check their 511 website, for the latest traffic and road conditions.