Snow Won't Keep E.C. Glass from Semi-Finals

Lynchburg, VA - The snowstorm is not stopping the E.C. Glass boys basketball team from heading to the state semi-finals. Tuesday, the school had a massive pep rally. Now, it's on to Richmond for the big game.

The team decided to leave early to beat this storm. They are boarding the bus Tuesday afternoon and heading to Richmond. But, earlier this afternoon, a very proud E.C. Glass gave their team a proper send-off.

E.C. Glass isn't shy when it comes to sports. They are proud of this basketball team and the biggest snowstorm of the year isn't going to stop a pep rally or the big game.

"Would a snowstorm stop you guys from playing?" we asked player Jermaine Mayo. "No, sir. Not at all."

Refusing to let the storm win, the team plans to hit the road early for Richmond. VHSL organizers told the team the final four game time stays as is - snow or no snow.

"They said, Chip, you better bring your team down early. We are going forward with it. So we made reservations for our team to come down tonight and play at 12:45 tomorrow," said Chip Berry, athletic director, E.C. Glass.

Parents we talked with, including Jenny Osinga, are keeping on eye on the storm, but wouldn't miss their kids' game for the world.

"We're going to wait and see what the weather says at 6. And, if it looks bad, we are going to go out, but if not, we are going to pick up our two daughters in Charlottesville," said Osinga.

Wednesday, the game will go on. But, one worry remains: what if the snow keeps Glass students home? There's a good possibility of that.

"We have four fan buses that are ready to go tomorrow, but they do not go if we are out of school. And that will certainly be a shame, but student safety is paramount," said Berry.

Snow or no snow, one fan or hundreds, E.C. Glass has already won. These boys will never forget being in the Final Four.

"It'll be a memory for him forever," said Osinga.

We asked the athletic director if he was disappointed that this snowstorm's coming at the same time as the big Final Four. Berry said, "I learned a long time ago, don't worry about things you can't control." Words of wisdom for all of us in the next 24 hours.