Snow Storm Brings Big Boost in Business for Local Grocery Store

Danville, VA-- It's been three days since the biggest snow storm our area has seen in years. While it meant most of us were stuck indoors for a day or two, it was a huge boost in business for local grocery stores.

Midtown Market in Downtown Danville was restocking their shelves on Saturday, after customers wiped them out earlier this week preparing for the storm. Employees said they were as busy as they are during Thanksgiving and Christmas, and for them, that's something to celebrate.

It was the heaviest snow storm Southside has seen in years. A couple days later Midtown Market in Danville is finally recovering.
"We're restocking today," said Debbie Harville, a manager at Midtown Market.
Warnings of the snow came several days in advance predicting accumulation of 8 to 12 inches in the Danville area. A lot of residents took those warnings straight to the market.
"I worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and it was like Christmas. We were very very busy," said Steve Crabb, a meat cutter at Midtown Market.
"Both cash register lines were lined up," said Harville.
Customers made that mad rush into the store and grabbed the regulars, bread, milk and eggs.However, apparently meat was also another hot item.
"Monday and Tuesday they bought a lot of pork chops, bought a lot of ground beef, bought a whole lot of stew beef, a lot of people were making soups," said Crabb.
By early Wednesday afternoon when the city started to look like a Winter Wonderland, Midtown Market saw even more foot traffic.
"We were very busy," said Harville.
"They were frightened of the snow, frightened that they couldn't get out," said Crabb.
"The shelves were looking pretty empty," said Harville.
But store employees didn't mind having to restock, because long lines and empty shelves means more cash flow.
"You know every place is a little slow right now but the snow really really helps business of course," said Harville.
Midtown Market closed their doors early on Wednesday and did not open on Thursday because of the snow. But they say that didn't really hurt their business. All the extra foot traffic in the beginning of the week, plus Friday's Valentine's Day customers made for a great boost in business this week.