UPDATED: Snow Potential Next Week

UPDATE: 6:00 p.m. Friday

Lynchburg, VA - While there is the possibility that the Heart of Virginia could see its first accumulating snow of the season next week, there are more indications that the storm will miss our area to the east.

It is still far too early to change any plans, because the energy that will spawn the system is only now emerging out of the Northwest Territories of Canada. Still, it is something to watch, most forecasters agree, including ours at ABC 13.

Several computer simulations suggest the storm organizes rapidly to our east and then moves out to sea. However, these simulations have been highly inconsistent in their projections of this system over the past three days, so confidence on any one particular scenario is low.

So, with the potential system 3-4 days away, there is still room for change in the forecast.

Early significant snows are rare for this time of the year, but we are confident in a fresh supply of very cold air arriving Tuesday evening and lasting about 48 hours before easing away.

In the meantime, you can read the ABC 13 Weather Experts discussion by heading to the ABC 13 Weather Center page.

Stay with ABC 13 for the very latest on this possible winter weather situation.

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