Snow Means Big Business for Some Area Companies

Lynchburg, VA - Not all bad weather is bad for business. Some stores and companies in our area really look forward to winter weather.

Local landscapers and employees of a hardware store told us about how snow, for them, shovels in the cash.

"We have been waiting. We've been prepared" said Southern Landscaping's Manager, Timmy Colbird.

"You kind of put it on the back burner. Like last week, we had temperatures in the 70s" he said.

But now, with winter on its way, Southern Landscaping in Evington has readied the plow trucks.

Landscapers typically aren't swamped with business during the off-season. So come winter, they jump on snow removal.

"We plow, we put down ice melt, rock salt, and calcium or magnesium blends on concrete surfaces" said Colbird.

A crew of 20 guys works four plows, clearing parking lots, driveways, and walk ways, for all kinds of commercial facilities.

They start when the first flake falls.

"Sometimes I work all day and then have to push all night, so it can be exhausting, but the pay check is good the next week" said landscaping employee, John Denette.

"I do have a snow thrower, but the shovels certainly help as well" said a customer at Lynchburg's True Value Hardware.

At True Value, shovels are flying off the shelves.

"If it looks like it's going to be a fairly good accumulation, it'll just drive more and more business" said store owner, Chuck Overstreete.

This aisle, stocked with all the snow specialties, has been vacant almost all year. But now, it's packed with paying customers.

"The deeper the snow, the bigger the smile on my face" said Overstreete.

Overstreete says business picks up even more when people start to see the snow.

So Thursday, especially since it's the first big snow of the season, he says he'll be lucky to have any snow shovels or salt left on his shelves.