Snow Falls Heavy in Roanoke

Roanoke Co., VA - Roanoke and Floyd counties saw quite a bit of sleet and snow -- for a little while, at least, this morning.

While the snow accumulation was less than two inches in most places there... it came quickly, causing trouble on some roads.

Most of the Roanoke Valley was spared any of the winter weather that is currently plaguing the midwest and New England... even though early on it looked as though the sleet would prevail.

But a cold rain is what would take the day at the lower elevations -- making life a little more difficult for those who have no option other than to walk.

Unless you're Justin Loving.

He had a two mile walk to work and didn't mind the weather at all.

"Pretty good, actually, for me. But, you know, a little rainy. I don't usually wear a poncho," said Loving.

Just a few miles down US 221, into the climb up Bent Mountain, things changed quickly as the elevation did too.

"It's (Roanoke's elevation) considerably lower... 300 or 400 feet, I guess. Something like that," said George Jones a transplant here, most recently from Danville.

The amount of the bad weather caught him by surprise.

"I put out the trash can because we hadn't put it out for a week or two. But the snow plow got the trash can and I don't think we'll see anyone coming out with the truck," said Jones.

The weather may have caught a few others by surprise as well - as at least one vehicle came to a quick stop in one of Bent Mountain's many slick curves after running into a ditch.

Surprised or not... Jones knows living at a higher elevation means you always need to be ready.

"We try to stay prepared because the weather forecaster doesn't always get it right so we always have a little extra food to put away for us. Reporter - "Just in case." Jones - Just in case," said Jones.

The National Weather Service did issue a Winter Weather Advisory for that area... except it came out at 3:18 Wednesday morning.