Snow Arrives Just in Time for a Busy Wintergreen Weekend

Wintergreen, VA - For Wintergreen ski resort, Thursday's snow couldn't have come at a better time.

The Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend marks one of the busiest of the year, and it all would have been risked if snow wasn't on the slopes.

Wintergreen management says for them, Thursday's snow was the perfect storm. School was canceled, snow packed the ski slopes, and the sun was shining bright for the first time in several days. All that led to lines out the door at Wintergreen.

From the line at the lift ticket window, "We got a lot of people today and it's going to get busy within more hours" said a Wintergreen employee.

To the line in the hotel lobby, "We're sold out tomorrow night and we expect to be completely sold out for Sunday night as well" said General Manager, Hank Thiess.

Even on the slopes, Wintergreen was packed with people Friday.

"If you look around, and we maybe have 2,500 people here today, and we probably had about 50 people here on Wednesday" said Thiess.

Thiess says all week, he was worried winter would never arrive.

"The thaw arrived and not just the thaw, but inches and inches of rain, and our ski area just got smaller and smaller" he said.

Until, they got a gift.

The mountain got six inches of snow, many area schools were canceled, all in time for a long weekend.

"All of a sudden we're energized, there are people around, smiles on their faces, and we're having a great time" said Thiess.

Mark Grieb drove from North Carolina with his family, "It's been wonderful. My children are enjoying the snow, it's light powder, and everyone's having a good time" he said.

And with all the fresh powder, Wintergreen staff is hoping it'll be a lift to the real start, of a slow season.

"We're hoping that this sets the tone from now, until the second or third week in March" said Thiess.

Over the holiday weekend, Thiess estimates the resort will see more than 15,000 people. And by the next weekend, all trails and lifts, are expected to be operating.