Snow and Cold Cancel Hundreds of Flights

Lynchburg, VA - Airport crews across the Northeast are busy, working to de-ice planes and runways.

According to the Flight Tracking Website, 27 flights had been canceled at Reagan National Airport.

Flight Aware, however, says that more than 1600 flights have been cancelled nationwide as of Friday afternoon.

Patricia Perkins came to visit her daughter and granddaughter in Lynchburg. She flew to Charlotte Friday to catch a connecting flight to Pittsburgh.

Perkins says she hopes she will be able to get home without any cancellations or delays.

"I'm glad I'm getting out before it gets here, if it's coming this way. But if I have to get stuck, I'd rather get stuck here than in Charlotte half way," Perkins said.

Perkins and many others may have a tough time.

ABC 13 spoke with the Charlotte Airport who said Thursday they saw nearly 75 departing flights cancelled due to weather.