Smoke, Haze from Western Wildfires Travels to Virginia

A NOAA model shows smoke dispersion from western wildfires, while less concentrated, being carried hundreds of miles away from the wildfires in June.

Lynchburg, VA - As 38 wildfires continue to burn across the western United States, from Arizona to Washington State, the enormous amount of smoke coming from the fires is riding the jet stream all the way to the east coast.

According to smoke dispersion detection and models from NOAA, concentrations of smoke stemming from the wildfires on the other end of the country have made it into the jet stream, a river of fast-moving air from 18,000 to 25,000 feet in the sky.

One animation posted by NOAA to YouTube, shows the smoke being carried along by the jet stream since at least June.

National Weather Service and FAA surface observations confirm haze and reduced visibility from Virginia to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Our ABC 13 High Definition Tower Cams even captured some of the haze Tuesday, creating a white, milky look to an otherwise blue sky.

The destructive and historic wildfires continue to our west. Ironically, recent rains in Colorado have created flooding because of the lack of ground brush to hold the water.

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