Smithfield Added To Virginia's Civil War Trail

Blacksburg, VA - Historic Smithfield Plantation, which is surrounded by the Virginia Tech campus, has been added to the Virginia Civil War Trail.

The plantation, once the home of Virginia's 20th governor, James Patton Preston, earns the designation because of his three sons; two of whom served in the Confederate Army and the a third who served as a Confederate Senator.

William Ballard Preston was meeting with President Lincoln, trying to work out a way to keep Virginia in the Union, the same day Fort Sumter was attacked.

The project has been in the works for nearly two years.

"I'll be a little selfish and say it's a little bit of marketing for this area, again... "this area" would mean Smithfield. And of course more people here the better. But, it links us again to the greater story of the war," said April Danner, Education Specialist at Smithfield.

Smithfield will get official "Civil War Trails" signs in May.