Smart Phone App Helps With Summer Savings At The Pump

Lynchburg, VA - Buckle up, and brace yourself for some soaring summer gas prices. AAA reports the national average right now is 12 cents higher than what it was this time last year. It doesn't matter if you've got a fuel efficient car, or a massive SUV, with prices like this; you're going to be looking at dropping a pretty penny on a summer road trip. But no need to fear, there's a summer gas solution; a "buddy", to beat these crazy costs. The current national average per gallon of gas is $3.68. The average this time last year was $3.56. "Like I say, I put $20 a day in this and that gets a little costly" said James Rosser. Rosser plans on staying a little closer to home this summer because of the high cost of gas. "I was in Savannah, GA last year that was a great trip. Most likely I'm just going to take a couple short trips, probably Virginia Beach" he said. For Rosser, a trip to Virginia Beach from Lynchburg is more than 200 miles. He'll likely have to stop and refuel around Petersburg where AAA reports the average gas price is $3.43. Round trip, he's looking at a couple hundred bucks. "You spend about $80-100 a week in gas that starts adding up" he said. Gas prices are soaring and with all the driving you're going to be doing this summer, drivers will probably spend a pretty penny. But there is a solution. It's called "Gas Buddy", a Free app and must have road trip accessory. Open the app and hit a find gas near me button and up pops a list of local gas stations and their prices to help you find your cheapest, closest option. Gas Buddy is available for any smart phone. Another available Gas Buddy option: you can go online to and plug in your origin and destination for your road trip and gas buddy will automatically select the lowest priced pumps for your trip.