Small Town Parade A Big Hit

Concord, VA - The anticipation in downtown Concord was almost as exciting as the event itself for three patriotic cousins, Brandon and Grayley Proffitt and their cousin, Parker Davidson. They gathered with their parents, American flags and patriotic tee-shirts to watch the Concord Volunteer Fire Department put on its parade. When asked what he was most looking forward to about the holiday, Brandon answered, "Fireworks!" When asked about the parade, "Candy!"

Little Parker was very enthusiastic about the candy as well. As the fire trucks sounded their alarms and whistles, candy was tossed from the trucks and into children's hands. There were all kinds of vintage cars on hand, clowns and clown cars and even one little pony.

Justine Reed, who grew up around Lynchburg, is home for the holiday with her newly minted fiance', Phil Jago, from Birmingham, England. Reed thought his first Independence Day in America should be spent in small town America. He was decked out in a "USA tee-shirt," to blend in with the crowd, he told ABC 13. "It's fascinating to me, because we don't have this level of patriotism and national pride in England," Reed said.