Small Business Saturday Helps Danville Stores

Danville, VA - Black Friday was not the only day for big shopping this weekend. In fact, Small Business Saturday, which encourages shoppers to buy local, has really taken off. And some stores in our area are feeling the boost in business.

It's the calm after the storm at Foxglove in Danville. Over the weekend, owner John Mason says they were flooded with shoppers looking to get a deal while helping out a local business.
"The first customer that came in the door, Anne said 'how can I help you?' She said 'I'm going to help you,'" said Mason.
For the first time, Foxglove really felt the impact of Small Business Saturday.
"I would say it probably was up about 50% of our typical Saturday," said Mason.
And that extra business always helps.
"We really try to stress hometown business, keep money local," said Mason.
In the River District, The Attic Hound also saw about the same increase in their sales.
"It's always a help to have the Black Fridays and the Small Businesses and the Christmastime sales," said Joan Daniel, Owner of The Attic Hound.
Only having been open for about a year, they appreciate the extra foot traffic.
"It re-enforces your positive attitude and gives you incentive to continue," said Daniel.
According to Yahoo, awareness of Small Business Saturday jumped about 4% since last year. And they say shoppers who knew about the day spent nearly $6 billion at local stores. Mason says just having a piece of those sales, certainly helps them out.
"It makes you feel good, it makes you feel like we are doing the right thing, we are doing something right. The community is helping us and supporting us," said Mason.
Not every local business that we spoke to said they saw an increase in business this weekend. But everyone says they are appreciative of anyone who shops local.