Small Bath Co. Community Comes Together After Tuesday's Violence Involving Senator Deeds

Bath Co., VA - State Police say the Creigh Deeds stabbing case is an attempted murder-suicide, confirming that Deeds and his son, Gus, were involved in an altercation that led up to the stabbing.

After Deeds was attacked, Senator Deeds walked roughly 75 yards, down this hill from his home, to Route 42 where a cousin saw him and took the Senator to his own home.

From there, they called 911, and the Senator was eventually airlifted from a nearby farm to Charlottesville.

In the small community of Millboro, where the everything happened, people expressed shock. A call for prayers for the Deeds family is already in full effect.

"Prayer is kind of a big thing for us so we just try to bond together and get the word out and keep them in our prayers and hope for the best," Monica Liptrap said, who knows the Deeds Family.

We also now know that Gus Deeds was alive when rescuers arrived, but despite the best efforts of State Police troopers and ensuing EMS personnel, Austin "Gus" Deeds died of his apparent self-inflicted wound.