Slick Spots in Nelson County

Nelson Co., VA - On Route 29 in Colleen, the roads were mostly wet, but the further west you go in Nelson County, the worse the conditions become.

Early in the day, between 1" and 1 1/2" inches of snow had fallen.

VDOT is extremely concerned about any further snow and ice in colder spots. They're also keeping a close eye on the Afton area and Beech Grove, near Wintergreen.

The superintendent of VDOT's Bryant headquarters says they're treating the roads with a mixture of salt and sand. He says the salt will help melt the ice and the sand will add traction.

Meanwhile, some proved you don't need snow to go sledding.

In Roseland all a group of kids needed was a piece of plywood and a four-wheeler. They call it "red neck" sledding.

"Pretty much backwoods style," said 14-year-old Josh Tayman.

"We never get enough snow to come down the hill so this works. And they love it," Grandmother Diane Russell said, laughing.

Nelson County Public Safety says there have not been any serious car accidents or road closures related to the storm, but the concern going into tonight becomes the likelihood of icing.

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