Slick Roads Cause Problems in Amherst County

Amherst, VA - Higher elevations were among the first to see the change from rain to snow on Thursday, and that caused quite a headache during the evening rush hour.

Almost as soon as the snow began falling on Snowden Mountain, it was sticking to the roads. When the roads become covered by snow, they get dangerous.

Many drivers told me they left work early trying to beat the storm. But for some, the storm beat them.

Joy Dudley was driving home, when the year's first winter storm almost got the best of her.

"It's very nerve wracking, just very anxious," said Dudley.

Headed North on 501, the roads became a little too slick for Dudley's comfort. With safety in mind, she decided to pull over, and wait for a truck to plow the roads.

"When you're seeing the snow come down and you're sitting and waiting for anything to clear the road, it gets you kind of claustrophobic and a little scared," said Dudley.

When a plow passed, Dudley followed.

Just down the road, Cynthia Rust wasn't quite as fortunate.

"It came down so fast, that I couldn't get up and over the mountain in time, so here I am in a ditch," said Rust.

Scared, alone, and without cell phone service, Rust was in desperate need of help.

"Somebody lent me their cell phone, so that I could get reception and call for a tow truck. He said he would be back after he brought his boat down the mountain," said Rust.

That somebody, turned out to be Mason Basten.

"I've got a mother and a wife and children, I wouldn't leave my mother in a ditch," said Basten.

And if giving your cell phone to someone to use for a few hours isn't enough, Basten even returned to give Rust a ride home.

"You know, it's neighborly! It's what we do! We're from Virginia," said Basten!

Basten also said that in just a 40 minute time frame, he along with numerous other good Samaritans helped push 6 folks out of the ditch, and he personally gave 2 people a ride home.

According to the Virginia State Police Facebook Page there have been no traffic fatalities due to the storm.