Ski Trip With My Girls by Len Stevens

I love Central Virginia's natural beauty! There are so many wonderful natural features in this area, and so many activities so close by.

Last Tuesday, I took my wife and daughter skiing at Wintergreen. It was a fun day trip on Olivia's 9th birthday. Melissa, who had only been skiing once before, remarked at how close the resort is.{} She had it in her mind that we'd have to drive much farther to get to it.

Melissa and Olivia also commented on the winding, hilly roads that got us there. No real car sickness, though. And we were ready to go on arrival.

We bundled up and hit the slopes. The wind was whipping and it was cold, but we had a blast!{} After a few early falls, Olivia found her need for speed.{} So three hours of skiing, an hour for a nice meal with a fantastic view, and watching a young girl grow on a ski hill on her birthday. Good times!

On the way back, we tried to guess the exact minute we'd get home. Momma won by 1 minute!{} Olivia mentioned how high we were on the mountain and commented on those winding, hilly roads again.

"Don't knock 'em, Liv!"{} I said. "Those mountains are a big reason we can do so many fun things... with just a short trip down the road."