Six-Year-Old With Rare Disorder Giving Back to Sick Children This Christmas

Evington, VA - Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome is a rare disorder best described as a "migraine of the stomach".

It causes episodes of vomiting and cannot be explained. There is no cure and no one knows what causes it. Six year old, Ash ten Day has this disorder, but he is fighting through it, all with a smile on his face.

Looking at him, you would never be able to tell that he has a rare disorder. His family calls him "courageous" and an "overcomer". It started a few years ago with what his family thought was a flu bug. Many doctors and other medical professionals agreed, but as his condition persisted, his parents knew something was not right.

"Having no understanding about what's going on is the hardest part," said Lonnie Daye, Ashten's Dad.

Ashten's mom began to do some research on her own and discovered a Facebook support page for mom's with all of Ashten's syptoms. The page was one for Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Once she shared her findings with the doctors he was diagnosed.

"Now {}knowing what we're dealing with- it feels a whole lot better," said his mom Laurie.

Now they are able to control the cycles better.{} Certain foods, emotions, and environments can bring on an episode, so the family does their best to monitor, but it can still be hard .

"He keeps chugging on," said his sister Alexis.

Ashten even wants to give back to others during the holiday season. During one of his worst episodes, he spent some time at UVA-- always with his favorite monkey by his side. Now he wants to raise funds to order more monkeys and take them to the children there over Christmas.

"Just for us to give back means so much to me and Ashten and to our family," said his mom.

"You don't find too many kids that want to give- they just have their hands out, so it's a wonderful thing," said his Dad.

The family will be taking cases of monkeys to UVA over Ashten's Christmas break. They say the best way to give is to donate on his Facebook page. They cannot accept used monkeys because of the hospital's rules-- so they are ordering cases of new ones.{}

You can find Ashten's Facebook page here: