Six Students at Halifax Co. High School Get Perfect SOL Scores

Halifax Co., VA - Students at Halifax County High School made their teachers very proud this last semester.

Six students there received perfect scores on their Fall SOL's.

For many of these students, getting excellent SOL scores is nothing new.

"I've gotten 600's in the past, " said Junior Chase Wilkerson.

But administrators at Halifax County High School are elated that six of their students have already achieved perfect scores in the first round of testing this school year.

"We're very proud of all of our students here at Halifax County High School, particularly the students who work very hard to achieve a perfect 600 SOL score. That's not something easily achieved, " said Associate Principal Michael Lewis.

"Any time you take a test you want to succeed, and getting a perfect score in these SOL tests is certainly an achievement to have, " said Junior Shawn Matt.

Lewis says these students worked hard throughout the semester to get prepared, but they credit their SOL readiness to their teachers.

"They give you the resources and actual methods that you need to study and prepare for the test, " Freshman Driscoll Taylor said.

"Our focus here at Halifax County High School is for all students to achieve at a high level. So we continue, along with our staff, to focus our efforts in that area, " said Lewis.

Now as these students move on to their Spring SOL's, they hope their accomplishments will serve as an example to their peers.

And when their time in school comes to an end, they plan to use this achievement as motivation for the future.

"I want to be a pharmacist, so I'm looking into schools that have a good pharmacy program. It gives me motivation to go out there and do as well as I did here, " said Junior Samantha Tysinger.

Halifax County High School participates in the 21st Century Program, which allows students to get extra help with assignments after school from certified teachers.

Lewis says they hope to have between 6 and 10 perfect scores on the Spring SOL's.