Six Cases Filed in Roanoke in Meningitis Outbreak

Roanoke, VA - The meningitis outbreak is affecting hundreds of victims in 17 states, and that number is expected to grow. The number of lawsuits being filed against the company responsible for making the medicine, New England Compounding Center of Massachusetts, is also expected to grow.

The latest numbers show that 317 people have been officially diagnosed with the rare form of fungal meningitis that has now killed 24 people.

As for Virginia, every day a few more confirmed cases seem to be added with now 43 official cases , mostly in the Roanoke Valley, with the death toll holding at two.

Lawsuit numbers also continue to rise as more and more victims begin retaining attorneys.

In Roanoke alone, six cases have now been filed - all naming both New England Compounding Center and Insight Imaging as defendants.

So far, just in Roanoke's Circuit Court, victims are seeking $50 million.

Whether or not the courts will find the clinics as culpable as the company that made the drug will be a challenge for victims.

Legal experts say the crux of the issue being whether or not the court decides the clinics sold a product or whether they provided a service.

If the court decides Insight Imaging and other clinics provided a service, victims will have a much more difficult time going after anyone other than New England Compounding Center for damages.