Sign Causes Commotion in Campaign for Virginia's 22nd District

Lynchburg, VA- The race to win Virginia's 22nd District in the House of Delegates has gotten more attention than usual this year, mostly because Republican Kathy Byron is facing her first challenger in ten years.

Democrat Katie Cyphert has been rallying support for next month's election, but one particular supporter's campaign message is getting some double takes.

The slogan in question can be seen on a yard sign in the 3900 block of Fort Avenue in Lynchburg. It clearly expresses who the resident supports, but the choice of words doesn't have either candidate's support.

Kathy Byron signs can be seen all around our area. But it's a single, homemade sign with Byron's name on it that's getting the most attention.

"Abort Byron," the sign reads.

The two words are sparking conversations across the community and within campaigns.

"It's unfortunate for the public that campaigns are becoming that way and it's not shocking anymore to see displays like we're seeing," said Byron.

Katie Cyphert's campaign manager, David Cary, says the sign is not associated with their organization, and adds that Cyphert does not approve of the message. However there's no word yet on whether Cyphert will reach out to the sign's owner to ask them to take it down.

ABC 13 found out the sign's owner is a man who doesn't like media attention. He actually took his sign down when he saw our camera and wasn't open to discussing the topic.

The sign's owner is standing by his message though; as soon as we left the sign went back up.

"I can't control what other people do, I can only control what my actions are, and I would certainly not put a sign up that had comments of that sort," said Byron.

Byron also tells us she hopes the race can rise above things like inappropriate signs so they can focus on discussing the issues in a civil manner.