Shoppers Make Mad Dash To Stock Up Before Storm

Forest, VA - With snow forecasted for Tuesday, many people shared the same concern; being stuck at home, with no food or supplies.

So, as you'd expect, super markets Monday night were packed with people looking to stock up on the necessities.

Forget the shovels, and forget the salt, it seems the story's the same with every winter storm, people stock up on the essentials like milk, bread, and eggs.

"That's what we need, I'm up here to get it" said Reggie Blankenship.

Blankenship was shopping at the Grave's Mill Food Lion, to stock up for the storm.

"I'm getting milk and bread and eggs so that will carry us through with what we have" he said.

He was concerned with driving, "I don't live very far, but it's hard to get out where I live" he said.

Blankenship is hardly alone, "Water, things like that, milk, essentials probably" said one man about what he was shopping for.

"Essentials, bread, milk, water, just little things like that" said another.

And during the winter weather rush, the super markets try to do their part to provide.

"They depend on us, so we make sure we've always got them stocked for them" said Jason Campbell.

Campbell, Food Lion's Assistant Manager, says he sees a surge of pre-snow shoppers stocking-up on the essentials. But he's noticed other items fly off the shelves as well.

"They come in and stock up on a lot of paper items like toilet paper, and also the pet aisle, you know, getting stuff for the animals" he said.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that the hope for all these snowy shoppers was the same, "I hope it'll be light, so we can get around in the next couple of days, you know what I mean? So you can at least go stock up again" said Blankenship.

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