SHOPO Foundation Holds Event for Young Women at Miller Park

Lynchburg, VA-There was a different kind of event Monday in Lynchburg to honor the memory of lost loved ones. B.B. Shavers held a celebration called "Our Girls" at Miller Park.

The "Our Girls" celebration was meant to remember missing and deceased girls and young women in Virginia. It was put on by Shavers' SHOPO Foundation.

The mother of Jamisha Gilbert spoke at the event, telling teens how important it is to listen to their parents. Jamisha went missing in December of last year and was found dead in a field. Police say she had a bad reaction to marijuana that caused her to act irrationally.

Her mother, Norma Gilbert-Eldridge, says had her daughter listened to her, things may have turned out differently.

"A lot of times you know as parents we have walked down those roads that they're about to walk down. So, we can head them off and teach them of the dangers that could be lurking.My daughter didn't listen to me when I told her she shouldn't date the young man she was dating," said Gilbert-Eldridge.

Jamisha's mother went on to say her daughter had an extremely bright future, but she just didn't choose the right the company. It's a lesson she hopes to teach young people in this community, through more events like Monday's.