'Share the Park' Initiative Hopes to Shed Positive Light on Lynchburg's Miller Park

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg's Miller Park has been in the news a lot recently after several fights broke out during Memorial Day Weekend.

A group called "Share the Park" now has formed to make some positive changes for the better.

The ground has ideas such as family movie nights on the lawn, and basketball tournaments just to name a few.

Lynchburg Parks and Recreation, along with some community leaders, say despite the recent Memorial Day fights, they are out to show people that Miller Park is a fun and safe place to be.

Eric Carson says he frequents Miller Park about once a week. He says he has never noticed any unsafe situations at the park, but says since the Memorial Day fight he is more cautious.

"If I see something going on we just go away from the activity and everything, and if we think that it is too bad we would just go and leave all together," Carson said.

Carson says he believes the fight was an isolated incident, but says the added activities that are being discussed would be a good thing.

"If you can go and keep people busy and doing activities and stuff like that it goes and prevents them from being mischievous," Carson added.

Director of Lynchburg Communications and Marketing Joann Martin came out to Miller Park on Saturday to hear input from citizens on how to improve Miller Park.

"Miller Park, all of our parks are safe places to be," said Martin.

Martin admits the video has given the park a black eye, but says she is working internally with the city in hopes that it never happens again.

"We want people to know that the park is a great place to be, it's a family place to be, so we hope with the activities we will be planning will be bringing more people, and some people who have never been to the park," Martin said.

The Lynchburg Police Department say they have made an effort to be more visible to citizens at Miller Park, but over all they say the park is safe.

"I think it's a park that the city should be proud of and I think it's a park that all citizens should support," said T.C. Crews, Assistant Supervisor of the Lynchburg Police Department.

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