UPDATE: Shane Padgett Sentenced To Life In Prison

UPDATE: Shane Padgett has been sentenced to life in prison.


Salem, VA - The sentencing phase of a capital murder case in Roanoke County has entered its fourth day.

Shane Padgett was found guilty last year in the death of former Patrick Henry High School classmate Cara Holley back in 2010.

Lawyers for Padgett are now calling witnesses as they work to persuade the judge that Padgett should receive life in prison versus the death penalty.

Thursday's testimony included one witness after another who know Padgett - some from many years ago; others family members with regular contact.

The defense worked to show Padgett had emotional difficulties because of his father's suicide and lack of attention from his mother.

They also tried to show Padgett as a non-violent person.

Most clearly, though, was that Padgett had some interesting behavioral issues that gave off the impression of a significant need for attention.

Something one of Padgett's ninth grade teachers, Lynn Yates, testified to.

"(He)Exhibited behaviors that were disruptive to the classroom. He wasn't interested in school very much so I had a difficult time relating to him," said Yates.

Earlier testimony shows Padgett's own words to friends were along the lines that one day he would be famous... infamous is what he got.

As they have been through this entire ordeal the surviving family of Cara Holley was in court listening to every word.

This sentencing is set to wrap up a week from tomorrow.