Several Wells Drying Up in Campbell County

Campbell Co., VA - Several Campbell County water wells are drying up, and it is causing a lot of angst for some residents out there.

As dry as it has been, some people cannot access well water and the county does not have the ability to hook those residents up to county water lines.

Officials say they have had this problem on and off for at least 30 years. When there is little rainfall or accumulating snow, many wells cannot replenish themselves. Now the county is trying to figure out how to help the residents get water to their homes.

"We're right on a major road with public water all around us and the building you're standing in is on a well," said Ken Settje, owner of Plumb Care Plumbing on Timberlake Road.

Settje says his well water levels are fine at his business, but they are not at one of his homes.

"They can either do laundry that day or shower that day. They can't do both in a given day," said Settje.

His nephew rents from him and the well water behind the house off of Timberlake Road is near dry.

"They are a young couple and she is 8 months pregnant," said Settje.

He says he cannot get much help.

"It is very frustrating because I have been working at this for several months now, trying to get them water," said Settje.

Campbell County Utilities and Service Authority Administrator Mike Damron hears stories like Settje's all the time; people who want to hook up to county water lines.

"The authority does not do these type of projects unless it's financially feasible. It is not financially feasible," he said.

He says most of the complaints are from Evington.

"It's plus or minus 128 homes," said Damron.

County Supervisor Charles Falwell says the board is working on a plan.

"What we're trying to do is be able to develop something that say a water line could be extended, tap fees could be paid but then the company payback is spread over a couple of years," said Falwell.

This plan would help everyone.

"They would like to see it county wide not just something for Evington," said Falwell.

Falwell makes it clear that it is not just the Evington part of Campbell County that is having problems. He says several places are, including the Amherst Plantation area and parts of 811. Keep in mind Campbell County Utilities can provide access to water on an emergency basis.