Several Injuries and Damage After Drive By BB Gun Shootings

Danville, VA - Danville Police say several people have been injured because someone has been driving around the city shooting a BB gun. Whoever it is has also caused hundreds of dollars of damage. It's been going on for weeks with most of it happening on Jefferson Avenue.Several people on Jefferson Avenue now have more in common than just an address."They were aiming at me," said John Bradbury, Danville resident."A white vehicle drove by and ended up shooting me in the leg," said Cory Grandmason, Danville resident. Bradbury and Grandmason both have similar stories of walking down the street when a car drove by and someone shot a BB gun at them."All I heard was a pssst and it hurt," said Bradbury.Police are quickly collecting several reports of drive-by shootings in the area."We have not had this in a while," said Captain Dennis Haley, Danville Police Department.Haley says on April 19 another person was shot by a BB gun and had to be transported to the hospital. Then on the 28th and 30th, he received three more reports of damage to a house and cars."I heard something shatter a little bit," said Dawn Witter, Danville resident. Witter thinks the shooter was aiming at someone, but missed and hit her window. Two days later, she noticed a hole in her son's car."It's insane. I mean it seems to be escalating. They seem to keep doing it and pushing the envelope," said Witter. Witter and her neighbors hope the shooter will be arrested soon, before even more damage is done."Still a little bit shaken up, wondering if somebody is going to drive by and start popping shots again," said Grandmason.So far, all of the injuries that have been reported have been non-life threatening. Whoever's doing this could face several charges including at least one felony. Police don't have much of a description for the shooter. They're asking everyone to be on the lookout for anything suspicious. If you see something, call Danville Crime Stoppers at 434-793-0000.