Separating Fact From Fiction in Randy Taylor's Past

Nelson Co., VA - There are a lot of rumors floating around on social media regarding Randy Taylor and his past.

Taylor is charged with the abduction of Alexis Murphy.

Rumors on social media claim that Randy Taylor may have been charged in the disappearance of Samantha Clarke from Orange County, if investigators would not have planted a GPS device on Taylor's car.

On Wednesday, ABC 13 spoke with both the Orange County's Commonwealth Attorney and Taylor's previous defense attorney. Both sources say the rumors simply aren't true.

According to Commonwealth's Attorney Diana Wheeler, a GPS device was put on Taylor's car as a part of their investigation into Clarke's disappearance.

Defense attorney Adam Rhea says the device was on there for several months.

During that time, Taylor was pulled over for a traffic violation in Greene County and was charged with possession of a firearm by convicted felon, among other, lesser charges.

Rhea says he argued the only reason they saw Taylor commit that traffic offense was because investigators were following him by that GPS device, and he argued Orange County was not justified in planting the device.

The judge then ruled all evidence that was collected in that traffic stop was not admissible in court. The prosecution dropped the traffic violation and the firearm charge as a result.

The charges had nothing to do with the Samantha Clarke investigation, however.

Authorities still say Taylor is still a person of interest in the Clarke case.

ABC 13 has also learned that Randy Taylor's bond hearing Thursday in the Alexis Murphy case is now closed to the public. ABC 13 reached out to the Nelson County Commonwealth's Attorney to find out why, but our calls have not been returned.