Sentencing Phase For Capital Murderer Shane Padgett Begins

Salem, VA - The sentencing phase of the capital murder case against Shane Padgett began on Monday in Roanoke County Circuit Court.

Gadget is accused of raping and beating to death 18-year old Cara Holley in a Roanoke County field in 2010.

She was then dumped in rural Franklin County.

The sentencing is set for ten days which is the length of time both sides expect they will need to get all of the evidence on record that would have been heard had a trial taken place.

With Padgett pleading guilty last September without a plea deal, prosecutors still need to get this evidence on record as they try to show depravity in this case as they push for the death penalty.

Monday's start included police interrogations of Padgett including the relatively short interview it took, then Roanoke City Detective, Paul Caldwell, to get Padgett to confess.

It all was part of a day meant to establish the timeline that led to Cara's murder.

"I had spoken to Mr. Holley and those people collectively and they stated that Cara was supposed to have met them that day... earlier that day for an appointment at Virginia Western that she did not show up for that was highly unusual," said Caldwell.

During the confession portion of the proceeding several of Ms. Holley's family members were visibly upset - at one point a few of them even left the gallery.

The hearing is set to run through March 28th.