Senior With Cerebral Palsy Overcomes Challenges, Will Graduate With Honors

Ringgold, VA - One Dan River High School senior has faced many physical challenges since he was born. But this week, he's graduating, proving that with hard work and determination, anything can be possible.18-year-old Benjamin Davis has cerebral palsy, and he's not just graduating, but graduating with honors. His parents say it's been quite the journey and hope Ben's story will inspire others to keep pressing on toward their goals. "We named him Benjamin" says Benjamin's mother, Nancy Davis "and like his name is, he's been jamming since the day he was born. I mean, he's been on the go constantly."That's why Benjamin's parents say he's their inspiration. He has cerebral palsy, a result of lack of oxygen at birth, causing him to lose his motor skills and his speech.It was a big concern for his parents, but they knew it wouldn't define his life."He's had challenges, of course, But, he's adapted, overcame, just like we knew he would, and knew he could says Benjamin's father, Derek Davis "and he does have a Facebook page"Ben's a typical teenager. He loves the outdoors, and is a huge NASCAR fan.And when it comes to his academics, he's no different, in fact, he's proved to be exceptional."He studies, he pays attention in class, he asks questions." Chris Moshenek, Benjamin's aide says, "No special treatment, no Special Ed, he's done the same work that every other mainstream child has had to do, including book reports and projects," said Derek Davis.On Saturday he will graduate with honors, proving that with determination, anything is possible.His mom says it's a day she never thought she would see, but he's not stopping with graduation. He has higher education, specifically with computers, in mind.His family says there are no words to express how proud they are of him.