Senior Citizens in Chatham Enjoy a Prom of Their Own

Reporter: Ashley Singh

Chatham, VA - Who says prom is a once in a lifetime event? Chatham Health and Rehab held their own prom Friday for the senior residents.

The theme was Hollywood, and it was complete with the red carpet treatment.

Organizers say they held this event last year and residents talked about it for months afterward, so they decided to hold another one this year and make it an annual event.

"This prom is real great, real good, I like it," senior prom attendee Milton Crawley said.

"By doing events like this it lets them reconnect with the past but also lets them know life's not over," Jane Powers with Chatham Health and Rehab said.

The Center says they'll hold a few other dances this year as well and, of course, another prom next year.