Senior Citizens Combat Heat Exhaustion in Hot Temperatures

Danville, VA-- You really need to be careful about a lot of things when the weather heats up like pets, cars, kids. But what about the elderly? Senior citizens are very susceptible to heat exhaustion.

Danville Emeritus Assisted Living just launched an initiative to help seniors in the heat called The Shade Brigade.

They've been handing out insulated bags with water and popsicles to seniors in the area. They've also been keeping their own residents cool and have plenty of tips.

It's the middle of July and it definitely feels like it. With highs in the low to mid 90s, staying hydrated is key, especially for senior citizens.

"Emeritus has come up with an initiative this year because of the heat and dealing with seniors," said Gordon Martel, Danville Emeritus Community Relations Director.

The Shade Brigade Campaign is a reminder of how detrimental this kind of weather can be.

"Things like water, popsicles, juices, so that if you start feeling a little light headed, a little dizzy because that's the best way, is to limit your amount of time and to stay hydrated when you're trying to deal with this kind of heat," said Martel.

Emeritus said some seniors who are on medication may not notice how much the heat is actually affecting them.

"Seniors that are on blood thinners, they don't feel the heat, they feel the cold more than the heat," said Martel.

So it's imperative that family members keep an eye on their loved ones.

"A lot of the families are putting in small refrigerators in the residents room and putting the water in there," said Martel.

"Rest in between action, going some where or driving this place and that place," said La Mere Pollard, Danville Emeritus resident.

"I love to walk and exercise in the morning, so that's when I go, before it gets too hot," said Minnie Gordon, Danville Emeritus resident.

"Air conditioning has really been a blessing hasn't it?"said Rosemary Brooks, Danville Emeritus resident.

Emeritus also advises families to monitor the room temperatures of their elderly loved ones.

Emeritus will continue to hand out the insulated bags and if you'd like one, you can contact Danville Emeritus at (434) 791- 3180.