Senator Tim Kaine Stops in Danville, Comments on Charges Against McDonnell

Danville,VA - Senator Tim Kaine held a presentation Wednesday night at Danville's Economic Development Summit.

He emphasized that the three major things that will help improve our region's economy is workforce development, health promotion and infrastructure investments.

ABC 13 also talked to Kaine regarding charges filed against former Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife.

As a former Virginia governor himself, Kaine said the situation is very upsetting and hopes it will spark reform in Virginia's ethics laws.
"I was very depressed when I heard the news yesterday and the one thing that I think makes really clear is that the current governor and General Assembly, they have a responsibility and they also have an opportunity to do some fundamental fixes to Virginia's ethics laws. Especially around gifts to elected officials, and if they do they that can start the process of sort of repairing some of the damage to the state's reputation."