Senator Steve Newman Responds to the Passing of Virginia's Budget

Lynchburg, VA - ABC 13 caught up with Senator Steve Newman at a function to see what he thought about the General Assembly's vote on the state budget. Newman says he's hoping now that the budget has passed in the House and Senate, the governor will take control. "I'm hopeful that the governor will sign that budget within the next 48 hours and it [the budget issue] can be done with. It's critical that we have a budget. We simply can't go this close to the brink every year, Newman argued. "We need the governor's leadership to step in in these situations." Senator Newman says if the Governor decides to veto the budge, McAuliffe puts us in jeopardy of getting past the deadline one more time. With the budget, however, local government, law enforcement, EMS workers and others can actually have a budget they can count on.