Senator Kaine Opens Office In Roanoke

Roanoke, VA - Senator Tim Kaine made a stop in Roanoke to officially open his sixth regional office.

Virginia's junior Senator opened that office in the recently renovated Patrick Henry.

Kaine said the opening of these offices helps him stay in close contact with citizens throughout the Commonwealth.

The former Governor was received by dozens of well-wishers after talking about issues including the bitter battle between Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe.

"I sure encourage everybody to focus on what's the vision going forward. The state has a lot of positives. We got a lot of challenges too. I think the way you end up winning Virginia votes is by telling voters how you are going to solve their problems that confront them and I just hope there is a lot more of that in the campaign going forward," said Kaine.

Senator Kaine also has offices in Danville, Manassas, Norton, Richmond and Virginia Beach.