Senate Passes Bill to Increase Speed Limits in NC

Caswell Co., VA - Drivers in North Carolina may be traveling a bit faster thanks to a new bill just passed by the state Senate.

The bill will increase the maximum speed limit for North Carolina highways and interstates to 75 mph, but some worry about possible consequences for traveling at such high speeds.

Trooper Greg Ingram says the proposed bill will give folks a chance to travel faster, but according to the statistics on speed-related accidents, fast isn't always good.

"When you're increasing speed, then we always know there is a greater potential for fatalities and critically injured people, " said Ingram.

Folks who live and travel through North Carolina on a regular basis have mixed feelings about the bill that won overwhelming support from the Senate.

Most people already travel at high speeds on the highways, but some say raising the limit will have drivers pushing the envelope even more.

"It's 75, they're going to go 85 if 85, they're going to go 95, " said Roger White.

"People will exceed that into the 80's and everything will be more devastating than it already is when people crash, " said Robin Weaver.

Legislators say they will take safety into consideration when deciding which roadways will see a speed limit increase, and the bill is still just that until the House votes.

Ingram says if it does pass, law enforcement officials will be working hard to make sure they are enforcing the new law correctly.

"Anytime laws and things change, we have to do what we have to do to change, because at the end of the day, it's not about us. It's about the people that travel through these states, " he said.

Current North Carolina state law says a driver's license can be suspended for 30 days if found to be traveling more than 80 miles per hour or 15 miles over any speed limit above 55.