Seminole District Soccer Teams Announced

2014 Girls Seminole All District Soccer Recipients 1st team 1. Morgan Mays Midfield Amherst 2. Alex Morcom Defense Amherst 3. Roberta Rodemann Halfback Brookville 4. Tate Royer Defense E.C. Glass 5. Katie Griffin Midfield E.C.Glass 6. Brooke Valentine Forward E.C.Glass 7. Holly Carrington Forward E.C.Glass 8. Vicky White Goalkeeper Heritage 9. Katie Cousins Midfield Jefferson Forest 10. Cassidy Ratliff Forward Jefferson Forest 11. Lauren Vann Defense Jefferson Forest 12. Courtney Matthews Defense Jefferson Forest 13. Kathryn Grachan Midfield Jefferson Forest 14. Laura Garbarini Forward Liberty 15. Lizzie Boone Defense Liberty 16. Andrea Scruggs Defense Liberty 2nd team 1. Morgan Pigg Midfield Amherst 2. Desiree Briggs Defense Amherst 3. Madison Woodroof Forward Brookville 4. Anna Villa Defense Brookville 5. Elizabeth McGraw Midfield E.C.Glass 6. Emily Griffin Midfield E.C.Glass 7. Kate Carrington Defense E.C.Glass 8. Malina Flessner Defense Jefferson Forest 9. Bailey Yeager Midfield Jefferson Forest 10. Claire Lee Midfield Jefferson Forest 11. Karishma Nair Goalkeeper Jefferson Forest 12. Julia Scruggs Defense Liberty 13. Audrey McCombs Midfield Liberty 14. Hannah Overstreet Center Liberty 15. Mariel Messier Midfield Liberty 16. Madison Alvis Midfield Rustburg HM 1. MacKenzie Pigg Defense Amherst 2. Sabrina Harper Goalkeeper Amherst 3. Madison Martin Halfback Brookville 4. Sims Jennings Defense E.C. Glass 5. Caroline Riordan Defense E.C.Glass 6. Julia Sackett Defense E.C.Glass 7. Lauren Peake Forward E.C.Glass 8. Kimberly Leiva Midfield Heritage 9. Sarah Crider Midfield Jefferson Forest 10. Mercedes Quinteros Forward Jefferson Forest 11. Jessica Mitchell Midfield Jefferson Forest 12. Lindsay Broman Defense Jefferson Forest 13. Brittany Gallahan Midfield Rustburg 14. Larissa Lee Goalkeeper Rustburg Player of the Year: Katie Cousins (Jefferson Forest) Coach of the Year: Jeff Steele (Liberty)--------------------------------------------------------------------- Seminole District First Team All-District Boys' Soccer Team as Chosen by the Coaches (Players on the first team are ranked in the order they were selected.) Jack Valentine Sr. Midfield Glass Teddy Delledera Sr. Forward Jefferson Forest Matthew Thompson Sr. Midfield Liberty Alan Gutierrez Sr. Midfield Brookville Brian McConkey Jr. Midfield Jefferson Forest Sam LeFew So. Back Glass Rucker Shipp Sr. Forward Liberty Nic Mayhew Sr. Midfield Amherst Thomas Black Sr. Back Amherst Matt McAden Sr. Midfield Glass Nick Larson So. Forward Glass Pierce Saunders Jr. Back Jefferson Forest Tyler Larson Sr. Midfield Glass Grant Matherly Sr. Back Brookville I V King Jr. Back Liberty Carter Nelligan Sr. Goalkeeper Glass Player of the Year: Jack Valentine E.C. Glass Coach of the Year: Randy Turille E.C. Glass Seminole District 2nd Team All-District Boys' Soccer Team as chosen by the Coaches Timothy Jackson Sr. Back Rustburg Bailey Jennings Sr. Back Glass Matthew Crider Sr. Midfield Jefferson Forest Cameron Jackson Sr. Back Heritage Pierre Taulere Jr. Forward Glass Martin Solheim Sr. Back Jefferson Forest Chris Palazzi Sr. Forward Jefferson Forest Jimmy Watts So. Back Glass Paul Mortemousque Sr. Midfield Glass Alex Rodriguez Sr. Midfield Jefferson Forest Ryan Rodes Sr. Midfield Liberty Mauritz Apelman Sr. Forward Amherst Scott Swisher Jr. Midfield Amherst Ahmed Abdelnabi Jr. Midfield Brookville Matt Bradt Sr. Forward Brookville Thomas Cavanaugh Jr. Goalkeeper Jefferson Forest Honorable Mention Seminole District Boys' Soccer Team as Selected by the Coaches Cole Campbell Jr. Back Rustburg Cedric Collins Sr. Midfield Heritage Jesus Rivera So. Midfield Heritage Karl Gerlich Jr. Back Glass Logan Merkle Sr. Midfield Jefferson Forest Matthew Weakley Sr. Back Jefferson Forest Justin Freeman So. Midfield Jefferson Forest Aaron Crance Sr. Forward Jefferson Forest Trevor Fox Jr. Goalkeeper Liberty Nick Campbell Sr. Goalkeeper Amherst Nikita Andreikin So. Goalkeeper Heritage Austin Roney Jr. Back Liberty Sam Tucker Sr. Back Amherst Hartley Falls Jr. Midfield Amherst Drake Nixon Sr. Midfield Amherst
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