Second Steeple at St. Andrew's Catholic Church Comes Down

Roanoke, VA - For the first time in 112 years, the steeples of St. Andrew's Catholic Church are no longer watching over the Roanoke Valley... at least for now. Tuesday morning the second of two 16,000 pound steeples were lowered to the ground. A job that became more of a dance as crews worked hard to ensure the historic building suffered no additional damage. That job is up to Commercial Steel Erection, which is based in Madison Heights. To get the job done CSE had to bring in a crane weighing about 125,0000 lbs that uses 220,000 lbs of counter weight for these big jobs. Even the church's Monsignor was impressed with what it took to get it done."Incredible. Amazing how they can operate that with some finesse to carry this procedure out. But obviously they know their business," said Father Thomas Miller.Both steeples will be taken apart and scrapped on Wednesday. CSE is currently fabricating two new steeples at their Roanoke facility. The restoration should be complete in October.