Second Location Opened For T Room

Lynchburg, VA -{}A Lynchburg establishment that spread its roots - is thriving.

The famous T-Room opened its second location off Greenview Drive in December, and has had customers lining the counter on its trademark red stools ever since.

The T-Room, or Texas Inn, first opened downtown in the mid-1930s on the lower part of Rivermont Avenue.

Customers say the new location at the Gables at Cornerstone Apartments brings traditions like the Cheesy Western a little closer to home.

"It's convenient. It's just a couple miles from me now and uh, my son likes the burgers and we've just enjoyed it over the years," said customer Steven Tucker.

Steven Tucker said he used to eat at the downtown T-Room a couple times a year.

Since the T-Room at Cornerstone opened up, he's eaten there a couple times a week.