Seasonal Allergies Or Something Else?

Lynchburg, VA - Allergy sufferers may be struggling right now. Many people are, and Dr. Joey Lane says it may not have anything to do with allergies at all.

In fact, the Doctor Lane says he is hearing and seeing three common problems:

1) Common colds, which people often misinterpret to be allergies.

2) Irritants like changes in the weather.

3) Indoor allergens, things like mold, animal dander, and dust mites. As it cools, people spend more time indoors with their heat on. He says indoor allergens spread more in hot climates.

"Try to control your environment as much as you can and good hand washing and hygiene will help reduce some of those respiratory viral infections," said Dr. Joey Lane.

Dr. Lane says keep in mind this is a very common time of year for respiratory viral infections and the symptoms are similar to that of a cold.