Search Warrants Have New Details on Amherst Man Accused of Several Breaking-Ins

Amherst, VA - Search warrants are shedding new light on the case against a popular DJ accused of breaking into several homes across Central Virginia.

In at least one instance, investigators say Kevin Burchardt of Amherst held residents in Fluvanna County at gunpoint and threatened to kill them if they didn't cooperate.

According to search warrants filed by the Fluvanna County Sheriff's office, he's suspected in nine burglaries or attempted burglaries over the last month.

Investigators in as many as five other counties, including Appomattox, suspect he's responsible for similar crimes there. The warrants say Burchardt would find his victims online, using websites like, call them using a prepaid cell phone to see if anyone was home, and in some cases even posed as a private investigator and FedEx worker to get inside.

On Christmas night, investigators say Burchardt pointed a gun at a couple and ordered them into a nearby barn, after they found him stealing pillowcases filled with jewelry from their home.

One of the victims says aside from being 6' 8" tall, the gunman looked like a normal guy.

"I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen him. But after when he started to talk to me 'Get away from the car,' pointed a gun at me -- I had to cooperate. I was scared," said Anthony Mercogliano.

Investigators say they found so many stolen guns, jewelry and electronics in Burchardt's possession, that it could be several weeks before everything is returned.

Officials say more charges are expected from other counties in our area by the end of the week.

They also say Burchardt was listed as an Audio/Visual manager in a youth ministry based in Amherst.