VT's Scot Loeffler - New Coach, New Energy, New Offense

Spring football is coming to an end for Virginia Tech. They're practicing as we speak and then they have their spring game Saturday April 20th at 3 p.m. inside Lane Stadium.

A new offense will be on display - one that's led by Tech's fiery and spirited new offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler. Senior quarterback Logan Thomas (Brookville) said, "It's kind of refreshing. He brings a lot of energy. It keeps us going, keeps us wanting to work during practice and get better as the practice goes on because you know you can get tired."

If one would watch Tech's practices, spit literally spews from Loeffler's mouth as he barks out the play calls.

Fellow assistant coach Shane Beamer smiled and said, "He's sick. He's a sick individual but he loves football. He's got a passion about this offense and getting this thing right. Our players are feeding off of that. He brings great energy to every practice and every meeting and that's what we need."

"Coach Loeffler is a high-energy, no nonsense type guy. He knows what he wants and he demands what he wants but it's in a competitive way so it's fun," wide receiver Demitri Knowles (LCA) said.

Dan River's Trey Edmunds added, "He comes every day with what he calls with 'juice' so it's basically being hyped and finishing every play and running full speed so my main concern is to finish everything and just go 100 percent."

Loeffler has been a welcoming presence on the field replacing Bryan Stinespring who was given the new title of Recruiting Coordinator and Tight Ends Coach.

Head coach Frank Beamer explained, "There's different ways of getting things done but [Loeffler] brings excitement and emotion."

Along with his energy, he brings a west coast offense with spread capability that he says will be balanced but he emphasized running the ball and preventing turnovers. He's also developing a rapport with Thomas - a player Loeffler thinks can be a big time quarterback. "He's taught me the little ins and outs of things. Obviously he's been all over the place and he's been in the [NFL] and he knows what they're looking for so a lot of the next level stuff and at the same time on the field - how to carry myself in a different way," Thomas said.

Loeffler extended the thought. "The great thing about playing quarterback is you've never arrived. The Tom Bradys of the world, the Drew Brees of the world, they're chasing perfection just like we are here and I think if we become fundamentally sound, know our assignments inside and out, get in great shape and when we get to that fall we'll be able to show some leadership."

If Thomas and Tech can digest all that, a new offense should be an improvement over last year's product, one that saw the Hokies finish 7-6.

"We just want to do it our way and our way is to play really, really hard, be together, play with enthusiasm, become execution-oriented, and take care of the football and do the little things," Loeffler said.

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