SCLC Calls Local Ministers, Community to 'Stop the Violence'

Danville, VA - Danville clergymen came together Thursday morning to try to put an end to violence in the community.

The local chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference announced a call to local ministers to participate in a worldwide effort on November third.
The goal is to get 10 million clergymen to preach sermons on stopping the violence, at the same time across the globe.
To keep the momentum going, the local group is planning an hour-long prayer event November 9th at Mount Carmel Baptist Church, and they will be working with local law enforcement on community outreach.
With the recent string of violent crimes in Danville, they say faith may be the key to turning things around.
"In our city, we've seen a rash of violence. So we decided, as the ministers, to join forces to speak to this problem, " said Rev. Avon Keen.
The prayer event will be held November 9 at 5 p.m.