Science Museum of Western VA Unveils Moon Rock Exhibit

Roanoke, VA - One of NASA's coveted moon rock specimens will be open to the public Wednesday morning at the Science Museum of Western Virginia.

The showing leads up to a visit by astronaut Doctor Edgar Mitchell.

Mitchell is one of just eight living astronauts to have walked on the moon.

Museum officials hand carried the specimen this week all the way from NASA headquarters near Houston.

"Going through airports, which is what I had to do to bring this rock back from Houston, was a bit of a challenge because TSA doesn't want that metal suitcase going in the cabin. But when they saw what was inside they said, 'Fine... go ahead', and they were impressed by it," said Jim Rollings with the Science Museum of Western Virginia.

The rock, which is made of Basalt, is part of NASA's loan program.

Dr. Mitchell will be in Roanoke and Blacksburg September 20 and 21.