Schools Likely to Enact "Vaping" Ban for School Year

Bedford Co., VA- The Bedford County School District is likely to join the list of Virginia school districts that will ban "e-cigarettes" or "vaping" products from campus, school buses and school sponsored events this year. Earlier this year, the Virginia General Assembly enacted a law that will require all school districts in the state to ban e-cigarette use within public school systems. Currently, e-cigarette products are not regulated by the FDA and are not banned to the sale of minors in Virginia. The campus ban law went into effect July first of this year. However, school districts will have until next year to craft policies to ban the use of the liquid nicotine products The ban will apply to students, campus and event visitors as well as staff. Bedford County School Board Chairman Gary Hostutler told ABC 13, "I don't really see a role for those in the school system, they're kind of an adult product and i don't see our students sitting in the cafeteria vaping during their lunchtime I just don't see any need for it. It's not proven whether it's healthy or not and there just isn't any need to have that in the school system."

The Bedford County School Board will meet on August 21st to take up the matter. A spokesperson for the Lynchburg public school system tells ABC 13 that, "a policy will be presented to the Board in August banning them (e-cigarettes) from school property and buses."