School Summit Reviews Top Challenges and Discusses Goals for Lynchburg's Youth

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg City Schools hosted and sponsored a School Summit at the Information Technology Center on Monday. This home-, school-, and community-focused event included presentations by Tamara Rosser (Director of Human Services), Sandy Bryant (Director of Child and Family Services, Horizon Behavioral Health), Bob Wade (Probation Director with the 24th District Court Service Unit of Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice), Scott Brabrand (Superintendent Lynchburg City Schools), and two student presenters from each of the LCS high Schools (Mia BrandonE. C. Glass, and Alexis JohnsonHeritage). Roughly 150 individuals and stakeholders from the Lynchburg area were invited to attend the event. The morning kicked off with the presentations of the different community representatives, then attendees broke up into groups to discuss topics including: {}{} {}data trends specific to Lynchburg's youth;{}{} {}what's working; {}{} {}service gaps; {}{} {}grant opportunities; and {}{} {}the identification of the top 3 challenges we face as we work to ensure the success of today's youth in the home, school, and community.The overall goals for the day were to: {}{} {}ensure we have an up-to-date understanding of the challenges we face in addressing the needs of Lynchburg's youth in 2014 compared to past years;{}{} {}identify unmet needs and service gaps; and{}{} {}create the foundation for developing the home, school, and community support Lynchburg's youth need to experience success.Over the course of the morning, those in attendance developed the following list of the top four challenges Lynchburg's youth face today: {}{} {}Mental Health: Earlier and More Severe issues {}{} {}Parental Engagement {}{} {}Poverty: Impact on Mindset and Motivation in the home school and community{}{} {}Lack of self-motivation and school and community prideThe next School Summit will take place in September.